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Enhance Your Kitchen

CPOS Refacing has helped many homeowners throughout the Delaware Valley achieve their dream kitchens, and what we do isn’t limited to cabinet refacing. Our company also offers kitchen upgrades, such as pull out kitchen shelves, which are an affordable and effective way to add more storage, improve organization, and make your kitchen more accessible overall. CPOS Refacing is a local family-owned and -operated business that is fully licensed and insured and has more than a decade of experience. If you’re interested in pull out kitchen shelves for your home or business, we’d be thrilled to provide you a free on-site consultation and give you an upfront and accurate estimate.

The Benefits of Pull Out Kitchen Shelves

Pull out kitchen shelves will enhance your kitchen in a number of important ways. They provide additional storage space, increase accessibility, and improve organization. The custom shelving solutions we offer can be added to your existing cabinets, and this option is far less expensive and time-intensive that having new custom cabinets built with these features integrated.

Recent Custom Pull Out Shelves Projects

Easy Access

Pull out kitchen shelves, drawers, and organizers make your kitchen more accessible because the items you need will no longer be stuck inconveniently at the back of a cabinet or drawer. Our custom-made solutions pull out all of the way so that you have easy access even to those items stored in the back.

Better Organization

Keeping a kitchen organized is a challenge that we all face and pull out kitchen shelves are the most effective way to make your kitchen better organized and easier to keep that way. They even change the way you organize as you’ll no longer need to order items based on how often you use them, and we can also build you integrated organization solutions, such as spice holders and utensil storage.

Recent Custom Pull Out Shelves Projects

Increased Space

Our pull out kitchen shelves also maximize the space you have available, and they’re by far the most affordable and fastest way to add usable space to a kitchen. Think about your junk drawer and how much of the useable space is hidden under the countertop, and now imagine a drawer that pulls all of the way out so that 100% of the usable area is out in the open and within easy reach.

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Our Kitchen Cabinet Solutions Process

Our process begins with an on-site consultation, which we’ll provide you at no cost and without obligation. The consultation is an opportunity to explore the many options for your kitchen and answer any questions that you may have. Our goal during this step is to help you realize your vision for your kitchen, and we’ll never employ high-pressure sales tactics or try to sell you on something you don’t need or want. If you choose to move forward with installing pull out kitchen shelves, we’ll take precise measurements of your kitchen and provide you with an accurate and upfront estimate based on the materials and time required for the project. Our team will then design and build your custom shelves based on your exact specifications. We’ll then install your new shelving, which usually takes less than a day, and we’ll ensure that everything is perfect and that you’re completely satisfied before we leave.

Many Shelving Options

Since our team custom designs and builds our pull out kitchen shelves, you have many design options, and we can configure them functionally and aesthetically based on your particular kitchen and your preferences. In addition to shelves, your options include pull out trays, drawers, and organizers. Our team can also customize those solutions for particular purposes. Examples include pull out waste bin holders, pull out silverware drawers, pull out organizers for pots and pans, and pull out spice racks, and if you have something completely novel in mind, our team can design and build it for you.

Cabinet Refacing

Attractive and well-designed cabinets are essential to a beautiful and modern kitchen, and if you’re having us install pull out kitchen shelves, it’s an excellent time to have us reface your cabinets as well. Refacing is much more affordable than installing new cabinets, and it takes a lot less time as well. The most noticeable part of your cabinets and what provides the overall aesthetic, the doors & drawer fronts, are replaced. The cabinet boxes are covered with wood veneer and factory-finished plywood to complete the transformation. There is a wide variety of colors and styles to choose, and our team will also install new molding, hinges, knobs, and pulls that you choose as well.

Choose CPOS Refacing for Your Pull Out Kitchen Shelves

CPOS Refacing has highly skilled and experienced tradespeople who welcome the opportunity to transform your kitchen into a space you’ll love for many years to come. Call us today or contact us online to schedule a consultation or with any questions about pull out kitchen shelves or the other services we offer.

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