Built-In Appliances with Refacing

One of the most popular trends in kitchen renovations is cabinet refacing because it dramatically improves both appearance and functionality while costing much less than installing new cabinets. The integration of built-in appliances is one of the many additional ways we can help you improve your kitchen during the refacing process. Whether you need to move a stove or range hood in the process, the experts at CPOS are here to help bring your kitchen dreams to life.

What Is Cabinet Refacing?

Installing new cabinet doors while preserving and enhancing the current cabinet structure is known as cabinet refacing. This strategy is significantly less expensive because it uses a great deal less labor and resources. Additionally, it takes a lot less time, and unlike cabinet replacement, it won’t interfere with your daily activities at home. Our team can also install custom pull-out shelving and drawers in addition to installing new drawer fronts and molding. We’ll only construct the structures needed for any kitchen cabinet expansion or to better integrate your appliances.

What Are Built In Appliances

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Choose CPOS Refacing for Your Kitchen

CPOS Refacing is a family-run business that serves homeowners throughout the Delaware Valley. For more than ten years, we have been working on kitchen refacing projects and bringing to life upgraded kitchens. CPOS will never make an effort to sell you anything you don’t want or need. Our aim is to help you realize your ideal kitchen while making the most of your home improvement budget. After your project is complete, we’ll come back after a little while to make sure that everything we did met your standards.

Adding Function With Built In Appliances

Built-In Appliances Add Form and Function

Built-in kitchen appliances offer seamless and efficient integration within modern culinary spaces. A sleek and sophisticated look of integrated ovens, microwaves, cooktops, and refrigerators, are designed to harmonize with the overall kitchen aesthetic while optimizing functionality. Built-in appliances save valuable counter and floor space, enabling a clutter-free environment and enhancing the kitchen’s overall organization. Whether it’s the convenience of a built-in convection oven, the versatility of a sleek induction cooktop, or the freshness preservation of a seamlessly integrated refrigerator, when you reface your cabinets with CPOS, the possibilities are endless.

We Work with High-Quality Materials

CPOS works with real wood while other companies prefer to sell laminate (plastic) or vinyl thermofoil (prone to peeling and discoloration) products. We provide the elegant look of quality carpentry by using solid wood doors and drawer fronts, as well as wood veneers for rails and moldings. Keystone Wood Specialties manufactures all of our refacing components in Lancaster, PA.

High Quality Materials Used
Other Kitchen Upgrades Offered

Other Kitchen Upgrades

We can help you improve your kitchen in a variety of ways other than installing built-in appliances during your refacing project. Our team can also design and install custom range hoods, expand your kitchen cabinets, install custom pull-out shelves, and utilize open shelving.

Our Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Process

CPOS Refacing’s process for kitchen cabinet refacing and appliance integration is tried and true, resulting in a seamless appearance and your complete satisfaction. In just four simple steps, we can transform your kitchen into the kitchen of your dreams:

Custom Pull Out Shelves Process - In Home Consultation
  • Step 1: In-Home Consultation
    CPOS Refacing provides in-home consultations at no charge and without obligation. We’ll explore all of our refacing options and provide you with upfront and accurate estimates that include your desired built-in appliances.
Cabinet Refacing Process - Detailed Measurements
  • Step 2: Precise Measurements
    All of the components we use to reface and expand cabinets are made by hand. But first, we need to take precise measures of your existing cabinets and all other relevant aspects of your kitchen.
Cabinet Refacing Process - Custom Built
  • Step 3: Custom Cabinet Doors and Drawer Fronts
    Those measurements are then provided to our partners at Keystone Wood Specialties. That team then makes all of the necessary cabinet components by using real wood.
Cabinet Refacing Process - Installation
  • Step 4: Installation
    We’ll first prep your kitchen to ensure that it remains clean throughout the installation process. Our team will then remove the old components and install the new doors, drawer fronts, and molding.

Transform Your Kitchen into the Look You’ve Always Wanted

CPOS Refacing has assisted many homeowners in upgrading their kitchens by installing built-in appliances and refacing their existing cabinets, and we can do the same for you. Request a free in-home consultation online or give us a call at 1-484-841-6204 if you have any questions about your kitchen remodeling options.

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