Cabinet Refacing

Looking to update your kitchen without the high cost and inconvenience associated with a kitchen remodel? Cabinet refacing is a great solution to give you the new look you dream of, without all the aggravation and expense of a full remodel. Cabinet modifications or additional cabinetry may be added as needed with CPOS refacing.

Is Cabinet Refacing Right For Me?

Changing the appearance of the cabinets is a primary goal (and sometimes the only goal) during kitchen remodeling. Often, cabinets in good structural condition are demolished and replaced simply because the homeowner dislikes the way they look. This is like throwing away a perfectly good car because you don’t like the color. In many cases, however, you can dramatically alter the appearance of your kitchen through a process known as cabinet refacing, which provides the majority of the benefits of cabinet replacement at a fraction of the cost.

Why Choose CPOS Refacing?

We reface with solid wood doors and drawer fronts that are custom-made in Lancaster, PA. Decorative moldings such as crown & light rail are applied as well as wood veneer. The majority of our competitors primarily sell laminate (plastic) or thermofoil (prone to peeling & discoloring) products. New soft close drawer boxes and soft close hinges are added for improved functionality while new knobs and pulls provide the finishing touches. Being a local family owned & operated company, we focus on being able to offer a high-quality finished product at an affordable price.

Quickly Transform your Kitchen

Saves You Time

Most jobs are completed within 3-5 days, allowing you to enjoy your new kitchen faster. The less time your home is under construction, the better.

Saves You Money

Save up to 60% compared to new cabinetry. It is not a simple operation to completely redesign and rebuild your kitchen layout. The amount of materials, services, and time needed often results in a much higher than anticipated final cost. Nearly all of the advantages of new kitchen cabinets are yours with cabinet refacing services, but at a far lower cost.

Save Money With Cabinet Refacing
Save Your Existing Countertop

Saves Your Countertop

But only if you want to! You choose whether to keep or replace your countertop. Cabinet refacing allows you to upgrade the look of your kitchen without the added expense of replacing the countertops.

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What Is Cabinet Refacing

What Is Cabinet Refacing

Cabinet refacing is a great way to update the aesthetic look of your kitchen while re-using your existing cabinet boxes. With cabinet refacing you select a new door and drawer style and finish. CPOS Refacing covers all exposed cabinetry to match the new color and finish you select. Decorative moldings are applied, giving your kitchen a custom look. We finish the kitchen with new soft close hinges on your doors and soft close, full extension dovetail drawer replacements. When working with CPOS Refacing your kitchen will not only look new but also function like new.

Kitchen cabinet refacing is an excellent choice for homeowners who want to update their kitchen cabinets without breaking the bank or depleting their savings account. Discover the benefits of cabinet refacing by CPOS.

What Does Cabinet Refacing Include?

Solid Cabinet Doors
  • Solid Wood Door & Drawer Fronts
    The most noticeable part of your cabinets and what provides the overall aesthetic, the doors & drawer fronts, are replaced. The cabinet boxes are covered with wood veneer and factory-finished plywood to complete the transformation.
Soft Close Hinges
  • Soft Close Door Hinges & Soft Close Maple Dovetail Drawers
    In addition to replacing your cabinet doors and drawer fronts, we also replace your old hinges with new soft close concealed Blumotion door hinges and install new full extension undermount Blumotion drawer slides & 5/8” thick maple dovetail drawer boxes.
Decorative Mouldings
  • Decorative Molding
    We include a decorative upper (crown) molding and lower (light rail) molding on the wall cabinets. Corner trim is installed to hide edges typically seen with traditional cabinet refacing.
Updated Cabinet Hardware
  • Painting Inner Lips & New Decorative Hardware
    We even go as far as to fill in any old hinge holes & paint the inner lips of the cabinets, to give it a true “like new” appearance. Lastly, new decorative hardware of your choosing is installed to complete the transformation.
Cabinet Refacing Process - In Home Consultation

Free In-Home Consultation

We offer free in-home consultations. Our cabinet specialists will arrive at your scheduled time with a wide variety of samples to choose from and will take the time to discuss your options. During the initial consultation our specialists will be able to digitally show you a large sampling of completed projects. We provide recommendations and show you examples to help you choose the look you have always wanted.

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Cabinet Refacing Process - Detailed Measurements


Detailed measurements of your kitchen are taken by our cabinet specialist. The measurements and ordering of the new doors, drawers, & refacing materials is one of the most important steps in the cabinet refacing process.

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Cabinet Refacing Process - Custom Built

Custom Built

CPOS Refacing has and always will only use the highest quality products for your home. CPOS Refacing sources it’s refacing components direct from Keystone Wood Specialties locally located in Lancaster, PA. With over 50 years of experience Keystone is recognized as the premier cabinet refacing supplier in the country. We only offer wood products, no laminate (plastic) or thermofoil (prone to peeling & discoloring) doors to ensure the best finished product.

For more information on our manufacturer, please check out

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Cabinet Refacing Process - Installation


Once the old doors & drawers have been removed, we sand and prep the surface of the cabinets to ensure our refacing materials stand the test of time. All new refacing material is installed by our certified installers and backed by our comprehensive warranty.

  • Our certified installers use state-of-the-art dust control equipment.
  • Our installers protect the contents of your home.
  • You will be able to use your kitchen throughout the process.
  • Average kitchen transformation takes 3-5 days.

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Cabinet Refacing Process - Follow Up & Final Visit

Follow Up & Final Visit

Unlike traditional remodeling contractors who seem to disappear the moment the job is complete and final payment has been made, CPOS Refacing performs detailed follow up conversations and visits with our customers. Occasionally something may even need to be tweaked or slightly altered after initial use. We are here to ensure that you are 100% happy with our work for many years to come.

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Advantages Of Cabinet Refacing

A complete structural overhaul or redesign is not necessary for every home improvement project. Your kitchen can get a fresh look with kitchen cabinet refacing while avoiding some of the drawbacks of more extensive remodeling projects. These brand-new cabinet components can be highly modified or chosen from a wide range of aesthetic and function-enhancing options.

Why Choose CPOS Cabinet Refacing
  • Family Owned & Operated
  • Excellent service at a fraction of the price of our competitors
  • Quick and professional installations
  • Personalized products to meet and exceed your expectations
  • We can color match any existing paint or stain
  • We use state-of-the-art dust control equipment, so you can use your kitchen throughout the process.
Advantages Of Cabinet Refacing
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