Enhance Your Home With New Cabinet Knobs & Pulls

CPOS Refacing is a company that specializes in cabinet upgrades, inclusive of refacing and the finishing touches of new cabinet knobs & pulls. We can transform a kitchen into your dream kitchen, and we perform these upgrades in bathrooms, bedrooms, and other living spaces as well. Our company has more than a decade of experience in this region, and area homeowners trust us because we’re honest, hardworking professionals who charge fair prices and deliver the superior craftsmanship your home deserves.

What Is Cabinet Refacing?

Having new cabinets installed is an expensive and time-intensive proposition. Cabinet refacing is an alternative where we provide your cabinets with new cabinet doors and drawer fronts, including new cabinet knobs & pulls, hardware, molding, and so on. This process gives you all the advantages of new cabinets but without the high costs and time commitment. Practically all cabinets are viable candidates for this method, and the only real requirement is that the cabinets are structurally sound.

New Cabinet Knobs & Pulls

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When Are Knobs & Pulls Installed?

The installation of cabinet knobs & pulls is the last thing we do. Our team carries out the thorough and meticulous prep first. We then reface the cabinets, drawers, and other aspects of your kitchen, and once we’ve ensured that the new finish is perfect, we install the hardware, knobs, pulls, and all of the other finishing touches that will really bring your new kitchen aesthetic together.

Choosing The Best Hardware

Choosing the Perfect Hardware for Your Cabinets

Hinges, knobs, pulls, and so forth can be easy to overlook but are integral not only to the overall aesthetic of your cabinets but to their functionality and convenience as well. Our team is happy to explore the many different options available with you. We’ll not only discuss the style and how it complements the finish you’ve chosen but explore the pros and cons, including weight and cleaning. We offer a selection of roughly 30 different styles in various finishes, sizes and shapes to select from.  This is a great way to show off your personality and refresh your space.

The Benefits of Knobs & Pulls

Cabinet knobs & pulls are an important aspect of cabinets, drawers, and pull-out shelves. They have aesthetic value, of course, but also help determine the functionality and convenience of those features. Therefore, it’s important to find the right balance between looks and performance. Something else to consider is wear and tear. For high-use accessories, it’s important to choose a product that will withstand daily abuse and also be relatively easy to clean.

Benefits Of Knobs & Pulls

Why Choose CPOS Refacing?

CPOS Refacing is a family-owned and -operated company with many years of experience refacing cabinets, installing cabinet knobs & pulls, and upgrading kitchens in other ways. We deliver personalized kitchen enhancements and superior craftsmanship that looks great and lasts. Our methods are affordable, effective, and refined, and we can color match any existing paint or stain. Read about our CPOS Cabinet Refacing Process below.

Custom Pull Out Shelves Process - In Home Consultation
  • Step 1 – Free In-Home Consultation
    CPOS Refacing provides in-home consultations at no charge and without obligation. It’s an opportunity to show you your cabinet refacing options, including cabinet knobs & pulls, and answer any questions. We’ll also provide you with an accurate estimate for all materials and labor in addition to reliable scheduling information if you choose to move forward.
Cabinet Refacing Process - Detailed Measurements
  • Step 2 – Measurements
    While we’re at your home, we’ll take precise measurements of your cabinets and all other aspects of your kitchen that will be upgraded. These measurements are necessary for the custom build process and to ensure that all of the new materials are installed to perfection and deliver a professional finish.
Cabinet Refacing Process - Custom Built
  • Step 3 – Custom Build
    Everything needed to enhance your kitchen is custom made.  We partner with a company in Lancaster that makes most of our custom wood products.  CPOS only uses knobs and pulls that are the industry’s finest to let you enjoy the top quality that supports prolonged use. We offer a wide selection of designs that you can choose from to match your unique design tastes and preferences. It varies depending on the scale of the project, but it usually takes between five to eight weeks from the time of measurements to day of installation due to acquiring these customized materials.
Cabinet Refacing Process - Installation
  • Step 4 – Installation
    After removing the old doors and drawers, we sand and prepare the cabinet surface to ensure that our refacing materials will last. In addition to replacing your cabinet doors and drawer fronts, we also replace your old hinges, drawer slides and drawer boxes. After we hang the new cabinet doors, we put on the finishing touches, such as knobs and pulls. We even make sure to fill in any old hinge holes and paint the inner lips of the cabinets giving your space a completed look. On average, the installation takes 3-5 days.

Pull-Out Shelving Professionals

Another popular upgrade that we install is pull-out shelving, which can include roll-out trays, hidden waste bins, drawer organizers, pot organization, lazy Susans, and so on.

Choose CPOS Refacing for Your New Cabinet Knobs & Pulls

Hire CPOS Refacing with the confidence that our skilled tradespeople are going to deliver you the modern and beautiful kitchen you’ve been dreaming about. Call us at 1-484-841-6204 or use the form on our website to schedule a free in-home consultation or with any questions that you may have.

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