Kitchen Makeover Ideas

Your kitchen is among one of the most important rooms in your home and plays an integral role in your quality of life. Many homeowners have kitchens that have become outdated and no longer suit their lifestyles, and the idea of a kitchen makeover can be intimidating. But it doesn’t have to be, and with that in mind, let’s explore five kitchen makeover ideas that are affordable and will help you achieve your dream kitchen.

How to Makeover Your Kitchen

• Cabinet Refacing

Cabinet refacing is among the best kitchen makeover ideas. Cabinets are a focal point of your kitchen both from an aesthetic and functional perspective. A new cabinet installation is an option but a costly and time-consuming one. Cabinet refacing provides you with a new cabinet look and even new functionality but while maintaining the current cabinet structure, which means less cost, time, and mess!

• Additional Storage and Organization

If your kitchen seems inconvenient and difficult to keep organized, then you’re probably not making optimal use of the cabinet and drawer space that you have available. When you have your cabinets refaced, you can also have them upgraded for better storage and organization. Options include custom pull-out shelves and full-extension pull-out drawers.

• Improved Illumination

A common problem with kitchen design is not enough illumination, and adding more is one of the simplest kitchen makeover ideas. Consider replacing your windows with styles that provide more natural sunlight, such as casement windows. Add more artificial illumination too. Flush and semi-flush lighting will preserve precious space, and under-cabinet lighting is a must as well.

• Addition of More Color

One of the hottest trends in kitchen makeover ideas is to add vibrant colors and mix and match colors and designs. This approach can make the space feel bigger and accentuate your new lighting. Cabinet refacing is a great option for this as there is a wide range of colors and styles to choose from.

• Investment in Smart Appliances

You may also want to consider bringing your kitchen into the future with smart appliances. Many homeowners are adding smart sinks that can be controlled by voice or hand motions. Other smart devices include garbage disposals, microwaves, ovens, and even refrigerators that can automatically add items to your grocery list when you run low.

More Kitchen Makeover Ideas With CPOS Refacing

If you’re interested in having your cabinets refaced and upgraded with better organization, CPOS Refacing provides in-house consultations at no charge and without obligation. Contact us today to schedule that appointment or to learn more about these kitchen makeover ideas.

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