Everything You Need to Know About Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinet refacing is one of the hottest trends in kitchen makeovers because it results in dramatic differences but is inexpensive and doesn’t require a big-time commitment relative to other kitchen-oriented home improvements. CPOS Refacing has helped many homeowners throughout the Delaware Valley reimagine their kitchens at a fraction of the cost, and we get many questions about what cabinet refacing is and how it differs from options like cabinet refinishing and new cabinet installation. With that in mind, let’s explore everything you need to know about refacing kitchen cabinets.

Cabinet Refacing in a Nutshell

Refacing cabinets is a process through which we reuse your existing cabinet structure. The bones, if you will, of the cabinet are left intact and bolstered. Everything else is replaced. That includes cabinet doors, drawer fronts, molding, hinges, handles, knobs, pulls, and all of the other hardware. The cabinet doors and drawer fronts are all made by hand and using real wood, which opens up many design options.

Cabinet Refacing vs. New Cabinet Installation

New cabinet installation involves tearing out your old cabinets. Once the tear-out is complete, those cabinets are replaced either by cabinets that are built by hand or prefabs. Cabinets built by hand give you the most choice, but installation is very expensive—as much as 140% more than refacing—and it takes considerable time while disrupting your home life. Opting for prefabs will lower the cost and time commitment considerably, but it will still be more expensive than refacing, and it will restrict your aesthetic choices because you’ll be limited to the designs that are currently available on the market.

Cabinet Refacing vs. Cabinet Refinishing

Everything you need to know about refacing kitchen cabinets begins with understanding the distinction between refinishing and refacing because there are many similarities. Refinishing involves reusing the structure of your existing cabinets as well, but it also involves reusing your cabinet doors, drawer fronts, and molding. Typically, only the pulls, knobs, and so forth are replaced. The issue here is that not all cabinets are suitable candidates for refinishing, and another concern is that if there is any damage to the underlying materials, those imperfections will show through the new finish.

Cabinet Refacing: Are the New Materials Made by Hand?

Be mindful that cabinet refacing will vary from one company to the next. At CPOS Refacing, we only use cabinet doors, drawer fronts, and molding that has been made by hand using real wood and finished by hand as well. That delivers you a professional finish that is indistinguishable from cabinets that have been custom-built and installed by hand.

The Cost of Cabinet Refacing

The cost of cabinet refacing is going to be based on the square footage of your kitchen and the existing layout of your kitchen. The price per square foot will typically be the same for every client, and there can be an additional cost if you want, for instance, pull-out shelving and drawers and custom organization. The best way to get an idea of the cost is to schedule a free estimate with CPOS today.

Everything You Need to Know About Cabinet Refacing and More

CPOS Refacing is your source for everything you need to know about refacing kitchen cabinets. Call us today with any questions, and if you own a home in the Delaware Valley and would like to schedule a no-cost, no-obligation in-home consultation, use the contact form on our website.

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