Cost of a Kitchen Remodel

CPOS Refacing specializes in cabinet refacing and has helped many homeowners throughout the Delaware Valley achieve modern and beautiful kitchens at affordable prices. Many of the questions we hear have to do with the cost of a kitchen remodel. The answers typically aren’t simple because there are numerous factors involved, including the size of the kitchen and the materials desired. What we do very well is help our customers save money and make big changes on a modest budget.

Cabinets Are a Top Kitchen Remodel Cost

Cabinets are arguably the most significant factor when it comes to kitchen renovation. Your cabinets are integral to the overall aesthetic and play a key role in making a kitchen look modern and stylish. There is a functional component as well. After all, the right cabinets for your kitchen make it more convenient and easier to organize. In addition, cabinets greatly affect the cost of a kitchen remodel. If you want to install new cabinets, then you’re looking at thousands of dollars and 30% more of your total remodeling budget. New cabinet installation will also increase the time required for the renovation, and it will likely disrupt your home life as the kitchen may not even be usable during that period.

The Cabinet Refacing Alternative

The downsides to new cabinet installation are why we recommend cabinet refacing. Cabinet refacing is much less expensive and also less time-consuming. Cabinet doors, drawer fronts, molding, and hardware are all replaced, but the underlying structure remains intact. That provides you with all of the design possibilities of new cabinets—and a lot more in most cases—but without the great cost and time commitment. Refacing allows you to create your dream kitchen using much less time and money, and you can even utilize your kitchen throughout the entire cabinet refacing process.

A Free In-Home Consultation

CPOS Refacing is happy to provide you with an in-home consultation at no cost and without obligation. During that appointment, we can answer any questions that you may have, explore your cabinet refacing options with you, and help you assess the cost of a kitchen remodel based on your unique preferences and requirements.

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Book your in-home consultation using the contact form on our website or by calling us at 1-484-841-6204. CPOS Refacing also encourages you to reach out to us with any questions about the cost of a kitchen remodel or the cabinet refacing options we offer.

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